WHS Multimedia Week 6 of 2-12             Teacher: Karen North                 Team: N1 – Technology – Multimedia




Day  21




Present what you learned from the Communication Section so others can learn your chapter concepts.

Objective: Multimedia Presentations


1.       Complete Self-Evaluation – State Weekly Work Report to your SE

2.       Teach others what you learned in your Chapter using Multimedia tools of PowerPoint, Web Design, Desktop Publishing Poster, and Excel

3.       Complete Peer-Evaluation

4.       Summarize your groups Evaluations


Follow Up/HW:

Enhance your communication presentation




Day  22




Design a Valentine Card in Power Point; learn that ppt is an easy tool for arranging content.

Objective: Desktop Publishing

Past Activity – finish presentations

New Activities – design a B&W Line Art Valentine card

1.       On a blank PowerPoint Slide set page setup at Portrait

2.       Design content: what you want to say and black & white graphics

3.       Add front on card add content on top left quarter

4.       Rotate the content 180 degrees so that it is upside down

5.       Add inside of card on bottom quarters

6.       Print and fold like a card


Follow Up/HW:

Create more cards at home.




Day 23


2/14 & 2/15




Objective: Graphic Communication


1.       Total Training on do’s and don’ts of photography

2.       How to download pictures.

3.       Take photographs of your communication team and individual members.

4.       Tag in Photoshop Elements to use for editing your self-portrait.

5.       Correct / Enhance Communication Team work per comments from peers

6.       Submit peer evaluations and summary for your team

7.       Add 6w5 and 6w6 grades to your spreadsheet and weekly work reports


Follow Up/HW:

Finish any missing work for the six weeks.




Day 24




Understand Feedback using stock charts and Excel for grades.

Objective: Data Analysis

Warmup:  Analyze Design of Yahoo – Finance Web page.  

KIATQ: Do the graphs and graphics stand out? 

             How does this relate to 21st century communication tools?



1.       Evaluate your Stock Market Portfolio – buy / sell stocks as needed.

2.       Design your 6w4 grades and work reports in Excel – include:

  1. 6 week 4 grades and average
  2. Weekly Work reports for each week – 6 reports on output and feedback
  3. Data Analysis Summary – Feedback for the semester
  4. Line graph – analyze the data like you do for stocks

3.        Make any corrections as needed – this is the last day of the six weeks.



Follow Up/HW: Get your 6 week 4 average – progress report signed – submit on Monday.  If your parent letter is missing – get that signed.



100 points:  Group Work Grade from last week – presentation

100 points:  Daily Work 6w4 3w2 – Spread sheet with average and work reports.  EC – Valentine in Power Point

50 points:  Submit report on stock market team – must have 5 stocks purchased in Stock Market game to earn these points.