WHS Multimedia of 3/5 – 6W5 Week 3                           Teacher: Karen North                          Team: N1 – Technology – Multimedia






Day  7


Apply Problem Solving Skills to games using resources of technology. – Determine allocation of class TIME

- Use TS Chapter 9 INFORMATION.

Objective: Math Connections-  Problem Solving and Design

SPRING FLING - Dress for Sports: Gaming is a BRAIN sport. We do BRAIN GAMES!

Computer Scientists are the athletes; Multimedia artists are the coaches.


Warmup: ESTIMATE how many M&Ms are in the jar. Do NOT touch the jar.

Email total in subject line. Each color in body. Please send to whs_media@yahoo.com

  • Subject line:  P_,  Last,  First,  NUMBER Guessed
  • Body:  Number of each color of M&M and the color



1.        Take photographs of who dressed for spring fling; take photographs of classmates for self-portrait editing.

2.        Start Spreadsheet with Week 7 and Week 8 assignment – See my lesson plans.

a.        Determine what is missing, complete and submit.

3.        Do BRAIN research – THINK * G-rate ONLY

a.        Compare & Contrast sporting games with computer games

b.       C&C sporting games & computer games with stock market game


Follow Up/HW:


Tuesday 3/6


Day 8


Research your History Museum artifact.  What is the connection to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and current application?


Objective: History Connections

SPRING FLING – Dress for 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s


Warmup:  Define ARTIFACT. Find online History Museums



1.        Enhance your history museum Web page. 2nd & 6th create a big picture Web page – see Doc Savage’s museum.

2.        Finish Multimedia spreadsheet with 5 boxes.

3.        Finish Report Card EXCEL Spreadsheet:

a.        Title box with name, period, descriptive title

b.       Grades for 6 week 4 grades for all classes with Subject, Teacher, Grades and GPA headline.  Courses in this order: Math, English, History, Science, Elective, Elective, Multimedia.

c.        Calculate GPA: Regular level A=4 points, B=3, C=2, D=1; AP Level A=5 points, B=4, C=3, D=2.

d.       Add a line graph

e.        Add a  Data Analysis Summary Box

f.         Format and designing output aesthetically.



Follow Up/HW:

Type up your weekly work reports for week 1, 2 if incomplete.   




3/7 & 3/8 


Day 9




Take portraits of 2-3 students, download and tag in PhotoShop Elements.

Objective: Photography

Spring Fling: Celebrity Day (Weds.) and Tropical (Thurs.)

KIATQ:  Who is GRACE HOPPER; What, where is Grace Hopper? Why – Impact of G.H.

NOTE:  This is the What, Where, Why and Who in History.



1.        Begin reading Chapter 9 – Problem Solving and Design; make connections to what we are doing in Multimedia.

2.        Watch Total Training video on downloading pictures.

3.        In teams of 3-4 take photographs of each other.

4.        Download photos to your computer and TAG in PhotoShop Elements

5.        Meet with your client to show your History Web page product and get evaluation form.  Add your link data to the master Web page located on computer ‘F’.  You will need to add the file name and description to the hyperlink.  See sample.


Follow Up/HW: Take home 3 Newspapers for a Current Event Assignment – see Friday.





Day 10


Apply problem solving steps to completion of 3 week 1, 6w5 grades.

Objective: Problem Solving and Design


1.        Finish reading Chapter 9.

2.        Finalize your weekly work reports for Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 in Word.

3.        Add to your 6w5 spreadsheet the grades for the 3 weeks and weekly work reports.

4.        Apply problem solving skills to plan your Spring Break.



Follow Up/HW: Relax, think and have fun.

If you want, begin your current event project:

1.        Find 3 articles related to your passion or something we have done in Multimedia this year.  Cut out the articles and date of the articles. 

2.        Read and highlight the interesting and important concepts in the articles.

3.        Using 8 ½ x 11 paper or card stock, design a desktop document that includes the headlines, dates and significant content in the articles.  You may cut these out and tape/paste to your cardstock.

4.        Include graphics from the paper that enhance your document.

5.        Type up the impact – connection to the future and Multimedia content; add to your document.



20 points:  Warmups

100 points:  Enhanced Grade Data Analysis Spreadsheet aesthetically designed with 5 boxes containing:

  1. Title box
  2. Grade data box with average bolded.
  3. 6 weekly work reports with output for week and feedback
  4. Grade data analysis summary for the 6 weeks.
  5. Chart with line graph using task and percent data set

40 points:  Spreadsheet with 6 week 4 grades for all classes at WHS, title, chart and feedback (4 boxes)

100 points:  Stock Market Game – 5 stocks purchased by March 2nd; grade based on equity March 9th.

50 points:   History and / or Math Web pages evaluations. (began in week 1 & 2)



? points:   Get your photograph taken; download to your computer and TAG in Photoshop Elements!

  • The more poses you get taken, the more pictures you have to edit after Spring Break.