Week of:  1-2         Teacher: K. North                 Team: Technology / East 1




Use the USM to analyze the Past, Present and Future in Multimedia.


DW1 – Grade Data Progress Reports

Objective:  Data Analysis


=      Organize Journal for beginning of semester.

o        fold/label 6w4

o        Record objective, work & Homework data with day & date.

=      Create a JOURNAL TIMELINE with output, what learned, feedback and connections:

o        First 5-10; middle class; Last 5-10 minutes

=      Discuss Multimedia Applications of Holidays


=      Analyze data on your progress report; submit questions in writing.

=      Apply WHS rules to Mrs. North’s class:

o        Do NOT enter room w/o a visible ID

o        EC when I do a random check – Teamwork, help each other remember.

o        Do NOT enter class after bell when door is closed – go to E1 office to get pass.

=      Research Rose Bowl Parade 2006

o        Use D&D to C&C float winners and others you liked.

o        Use D&D to C&C the Rose Bowl Web site


Follow Up/HW:  

=      Get Progress Report signed is grade < 75.

=      Get copy of Semester PR from ALL your teachers.




Enhance Resources of Communication.

Objective:  Communication Resources


=      Practice typing – record speed in journal timeline

=      Research best photographs online.

o        Research best display of photographs.

o        What types of media are used to show the photographs?

=      Watch Photography video, “New England Foliage.”

=      Research CAREERS as a photographer

o        Research how photographs are sold


Follow Up/HW:

1)       Get copy of Semester PR from ALL your teachers.

2)       Review Objectives for Day 1 and Day 2 – update Timeline




Study Photo design, composition and communication of purpose on school Web sites.


Create an Excel Spreadsheet Timeline Work Report Form


DW2 – Has USB memory stick

Objective:  Multimedia Applications - Excel


=      Review Timeline Report Sample

=      Download Sample Excel Spreadsheet

=      Save Excel document as both “template work time management” and “work week 1”

=      Watch, do, delete, do again, practice each step to input data


Internet Research – Photography KIATQ

=      What product is sold?

=      How do photos enhance communication?

=      Do photos help staying at the site?

=      What details do you see?

=      Does the background enhance the purpose of the photo?



Follow Up/HW:  Practice Excel




Enhance Resources of Communication


DW1 – Grade Data Progress Reports

Objective:  Communication Resources


=      Discuss Never Giving Up (U.T.), work ethics, learning environment  and Virtual School

o        Yes, if absent must include what learned – this is a “virtual” class.

=      Define a computer DIALOG Box.

=      Add Timeline Content to Excel Work Week 1 Spreadsheet

=      SELECT ALL rows and columns - click top left corner box.

=      Use the Excel Magic Tool – FORMAT / CELLS

o        ALIGNMENT Tab - Merge Cells and Wrap Text toggle button

o        PATTERNS Tab – Change background color – Only color headlines.



=      KIATQ - How can you improve your ability to communicate with a computer?

=      KIATQ – How does the computer communicate with you?

=      Review definition of Multimedia and applications this week.



1)       What is the first step in Data Analysis?   - Collecting the Data

2)       How do you validate data? 

3)       Did you find it hard to collect semester progress reports from all your teachers?

4)       Is a hand written copy of your grades VALID data?

5)       What is the first step in the USM? – Input

6)       What is the input for the project on improving grades?  Data from teachers

7)       Was there an external influence in preventing you from getting all your grade data?



Follow Up/HW: 

Study for QUIZ (NO NOTES) over major concepts this week.

Bring Multimedia Technology to class for Show & Tell Day




Finish Weekly Work Report.

Take Quiz W1



Objective:  Desktop Publishing - Excel


=      Summarize data from Journal Timelines in Excel Spreadsheet Work Week 1

=      Add Name to the Spreadsheet

o        Click on 2nd row / Insert / Row

o        Merge cells 2A, 2B and 2C

o        Add the word EMPLOYEE and your name.

=      Submit Spreadsheet Work Week 1 Grade 2 (Due Monday)

o        Do NOT print with color!

o        Take off all color Select All  - patterns – no color.

o        Change font to all black.

o        Select PRINT PREVIEW

o        Check to see if all CELLS – FIELDS are correct.

§         ONE PAGE only – reformat to fit!

§         Only headlines should be centered.

§         Do NOT center text data you added!

§         Do NOT type all data in ALL CAPS!

o        Print and Turn in.

o        Undo changes color changes.  Do NOT save with changes or will have to redo.


Follow Up/HW: Enjoy the aesthetics of life