Week of:  1-17                       Teacher:         K. North                     Team: Technology / East 1


CURRENT grades to be checked this week:

DW2 – USB Memory Stick – floppy disks take longer to save on and are unreliable – due by Thursday

DW7 – Thank you note to Mr. Rawlins

G2 – Quiz and Work Report Week 2 (Due printed on Thursday)

G3 – Quiz on Chapter 9 (Will retake on Friday due to technical problems; suggest you read again.) 

G4 - Student and Parent email input in QuizLab semester 2 data base. (You must print the email to you and a parent.)


PAST due work – Better right then early – better late then wrong:

G1 – Work Report Week 1 and Quiz Work Assessment

DW1 – Progress Report Grade DATA

DW3 – C9 Objectives typed in MS Word

DW4 – C9 Outline typed in MS Word

DW5 -  C9 TYK

DW6 – C9 Words to Know

Last day for grade corrections is Friday as Progress Reports are due.



G5:  Week 1, 2 and 3 Work Reports corrected, converted to a Web page, and linked on portfolio.

G6:  Grade Excel spreadsheet and “what-if” scenarios printed with correct formatting and graphs.

G7:   QUIZ Chapter 10 – Open Notes and Book

G8:   TEST Chapter 9 and 10 – NO Notes – Study a little each day.




Demonstrate mastery of Chapter 9 Problem Solving and Design concepts.

Objective:  Resources of Technology


·         Read directions and complete QUIZ paper.

·         Open QuizLab to take MC and FB Quizzes.  New classID: workethically

·         Use your head as it is faster on a timed test; but you may use your notes and book.

·         If time add your email and your parent’s email to the student information data base.

·         If time research Information Technology and write one question for the speaker tomorrow.


Follow Up/HW:  

=      Check with your parent to make sure their email is correct.

=      Proof your email to make sure it is correct.




Understand the problem solving and design process as it is used in Information Technology

Objective:  Problem Solving and Design


·         Speaker, Mr. Rawlins on Information Technology.

·         Ask one intelligent question because KIATQ (EC for really good questions).



What is the difference between FACT, OPINION and FICTION?


Follow Up/HW:

Complete Work Report for Week 3 – Day 12

Write THANK YOU NOTE to Mr. Rawlins stating 3 things you learned.




Use “What-if” scenarios in analyzing grade data from semester 1.

Objective:  Problem Solving and Design


=      Read Chapter 10 page 146 on “What-if” scenarios

=      Add borders to Work Report Week 2

=      Save you time and school money by using print preview before printing WRW2; remember, no color or -20 points, and one page or -5 points.

=      Add borders and other formatting to enhance design of Grade Data Spreadsheet from Semester 1.

=      Create formula fields to calculate semester average and GPA

=      Format number cells to round to 1, 2 and 3 places to check exact value in average

=      Create graphs to compare and contrast grade data

=      Create a spreadsheet with grades for this six weeks.


Follow Up/HW:

Complete Work Report for Week 3 Day 11, 12 and 13




Demonstrate knowledge of Problem Solving and Design.

Finish Weekly Work Report  Week 3


Objective:  Problem Solving and Design


·         Retake Chapter 9 Quizzes. 

·         Begin ORT for TS Chapter 10

·         Complete work report week 3


Follow Up/HW: Complete Timeline Report Week 3