Week of:          1-23-06                       Teacher:                                      K. NorthTeam: Technology / East 1



3w2 - DW1:  Bring an empty box


G6 – Printed Grade Reports stapled together

1.      Excel Spread Sheet Grade Data Semester 1 and “What-if” scenario

2.      Work Document with:

a.       USM CONTENT detailing how you plan to reach your goal at WHS

b.      Line graph showing semester grades

c.       Analysis of graph where there is a steep slope, horizontal line and little slope


G7 - Printed Web Page :
Do NOT type .htm, the computer, adds automatically when Save As Type is changed to Web Page.

:    Week 3 Work Report as a WEB PAGE

:    Please change Margin back to 1” at bottom to fit on one page

:    Check the file name printed at the bottom – short identifier with “.htm” extension


G8 – Softcopy Check - Pull Down Menu with links to 3 Web pages:

1.      Work Week 1 Corrected

2.      Work Week 2 Corrected

3.      Work Week 3 Corrected



1.      ORT for Chapter 10, 11 and 12. 

a.       This is highly recommended for those who are interesting in becoming an engineer.


2.      Beta Test the Student Portal login following the written directions.

a.       Do NOT ask Mrs. North any questions; she does not know the answers. 

b.      Please email Mrs. Boone at sboone@houstonisd.org for comments, suggestions or questions.

c.       Mrs. Boone teaches Web Mastering (E225) and the weighted-GPA Honors Web Portal class. 

d.      This would be excellent choices for a future in communication.




Learn basics of digital pictures.

Discuss communication with graphics


Objective:  Graphics - Photography


·         Watch Total Training Video: “How to take digital photos”

o        The Screen, pixel resolution, file formats, menu options

·         Discuss photo projects: T-H-S photos of self and My Box

·         Finish Excel Grade Data Sheet

o        Format cell / borders, line size first, then where

o        Format row height to 20,  font size to 10

o        Format number / number – select 1 decimal place

o        Page Setup - .5 margins, center horizontally and vertically

Print preview to fit both grades and what-if scenario on one page


Follow Up/HW: 

Bring in Box for project




Create graphic charts from Excel grade data and create a report analyzing the data.

Objective:  Data Analysis and Graphic Design


·         Add graphs to Excel Grade Data Sheet

·         Correct and Check formatting on Week 1, 2 and 3 spreadsheets

·         Add Input / Process Columns to Week 4  for Homework added to report

·         Correct Week 1, 2 and 3 Work Report and Save As a Web page to use on pull-down menu.

·         Add column for Input / Process (HOMEWORK) to Week 4 report


Enrichment:  Watch Video Winged Migration – Look at the design elements


Follow Up/HW: Practice Excel by creating a spreadsheet for current six weeks





Convert Excel documents into Web Pages

Objective:  Web design


=      Correct Work Week 1, 2 and 3 reports

=      Save as a Web Page to be used on Pull-down menu

=      Add graph for “What-if” scenario – Experiment by changing the grades with a steep slope.


Follow Up/HW:

Practice Excel




Add Pull Down menu to Index Web Page

Objective: Web Design


1.        Add pull-down menu to Multimedia index Web page.

  1. Look at sample pull-down menu on www.knorth.info media link
  2. View the Source Code
  3. Highlight and copy the form between the documentation
  4. Open your index.htm Multimedia Web page and view source
  5. Paste the form code under your navigation bar
  6. Change my file name to match your file names for the week 1, 2 and 3 work Excel reports that were corrected and converted to Web pages.
  7. Change value data to something descriptive for your work.

2.  Check to see if all the files link correctly

3.  Raise hand to be softcopy graded


Follow Up/HW: Finish pull-down menu




Learn Digital Camera Dos and Don’t Dos.

Objective: Graphics - Photography


­         Watch Total Training Video on Camera Dos and Don’t Does

§         Camera effects vs. computer editing, lighting your subject, and the flash

o        Team Building Exercise – Group Knot (if time and weather permits.)


Follow Up/HW:

1.        Finish up G6, G7 or G8 if incomplete

2.      Finalize Work Report Week 4

3.      Empty BOX DUE – Bring one by Monday