Multimedia Notes 9-6-05:


1)      Data Type is a Type of Data – computer science definition rule.

=    Task Type – Type of Grading Rules teacher’s use.

=    Know the grade rules for all your classes.

=    Type up your grades in Excel from the first 3 weeks


2)      Descriptive Identifier – NO SPACES

=    In the Dialog Box type:

o       Name: 6weeks1 – Type: Microsoft Excel Document

o       Name: 6w1 – Type: Web Page


3)      HyperText Markup Language – HTML

=    Language all web pages on Internet are programmed in.

=    Source Code – Programming Code which is the Source for web pages.

=    Technical Reading Skills – Learn to read code.

=    Programming Languages – LOGO, BASIC, Java, JavaScript, C++, Perl, DrScheme


4)      Using NOTEPAD use Basic Commands to make a web page?

=    View / Source on any web page to get notepad open in the Internet Explorer Brower.

=    Edit / Select All – to delete the code.

=    File Save AS:

°         Name: autobio.htm   Type: Text Document

°         Extension have 3 characters, such as .doc, .exe, .txt


5)      HTML Programming rules:

=    Most errors Misspelled words or Open/Closed incorrectly (DANCE)

=    Tags are commands in HTML.

=    Enclosed in less than < and > greater than signs

=    Command is closed with a forward slash.


6)      READABILITY of the source code

=    Spacing

=    Nesting

=    Documentation

=    Use exclamation mark <!  Name, Date, Identifier content >


7)      Title Tag is used for the Title Bar – NOT a title for your web page.


8)  Web Page Content

=    To check the grammar, always type content in WORD first.

=    Copy and Paste the content in between the body tags.

=    Add “P” tags around each paragraph.