Week of: 10/30                        Teacher: Karen North              Team: N1 – Technology – Multimedia


Monday 10/30


Show Mastery of Technology Systems Chapter 3 concepts.


Objective: Technology Systems


1.        See QuizLab calendar for links to the 2 (TWO) QuizLab practice tests that need to be completed.

2.        Practice C 03 (MC) Types of Tech Systems until mastered at 100%

3.        Practice C 03 (FB) Tech Systems until mastered at 100%

4.        Create an Excel Spreadsheet WORD BANK as needed for the fill-in-the-blank (FB) questions.

5.      Add terms from the WORDS TO KNOW as needed for mastery.


Follow Up/HW:


Tuesday 10/31


Design a Web page on “What Haunts You” with file name haunts and your initials: hauntskn.htm


Objective:  Web Programming

Warmup (10 points daily work 3w1): 

  • Create a basic Web page with NOTHING in the body. 
  • Put the head and title tags on one line; include descriptive title bar information. 
  • Use orange and black for the bgcolor and text attributes in the body tag. 
  • Save as template.htm in your html folder.



1.        Create a “G-rated” Halloween Web Page.

2.        Decide on the purpose of your web page.

3.        You may use an idea from the “What Haunts you Lists” or come up with your own.

4.        You should communicate the purpose of your web page in the body.

5.        Type your content in MS Word first to check grammar.

6.        You may create a graphic in Paint, find one to use, or take your own photos.

7.        Look at the template Web page and use all tags we have learned so far.

8.        FUTURE: Improve your Haunting Web page for your semester site presentation.



9.        Practice HTML code we have learned this semester.

10.     Use your brain for unique creative thinking in designing Web page.


Follow Up/HW: Add photographs from Halloween to your Web page


Weds/Thurs 11/1 & 11/2


Organize folders and photographs

Objective: Organization

Warmup:  In wikipedia look up definition of organization; follow links.  Record in your journal the knowledge you gained from your research.



1.      Get Server Folder and save completed html folder Web pages and images folder to server

2.      Find photographs to add to 9-11 and homecoming Web pages

3.      Watch video on Photoshop Elements

4.      Tag photographs in PhotoShop Elements

5.      Do Quizlab practice on WS L1 – due next Tuesday

6.      If you did not do review questions on this lesson, please do so now as another grade! – due next Tuesday


Follow Up/HW: Continue practice in QuizLab and work on Web pages


Friday  11/3


Add photographs to 9-11, homecoming and Halloween Web pages

Objective: Photograph Editing

Warmup:  Review Web site of your favorite music artist (if appropriate to open at school).  What ideas do you see that can enhance your Web pages?


EMAIL to whs_media@yahoo.com what you learned.  In the subject line correctly delineate fields for your period, last name, first name and name of music artist per directions!    Sample:  P8,  North,  Karen,  Enya



1.      Watch Web page lesson on TIME

2.      Play around with Microsoft Photo Editor or Photoshop elements to enhance photographs as needed

3.      Add photographs to your Web pages

4.      Practice QuizLab for TEST next week on WS L1

5.      Begin Review Questions WS L2

6.      Review semester one digital portfolio rubric

7.      Show me your completed Web pages: Rachel, 9-11, Homecoming, Halloween using rubric 1-4 scale.


Follow Up/HW: Finish WS L2 steps; review WS L1 as needed


TEST Wednesday / Thursday on WS L1 in QuizLab


Grades 6w3 – week 12:

a)      10 points – Daily Work 3w1 – Spreadsheet with 6w2 grades

b)      10 points – Warmup 10/31 Basic Web page code

c)      20 points C3 TYK and Terms

d)      30 points QuizLab Practice C3 (MC) and C3 (FB) Mastered at 90% or higher

e)      50 points “What Haunts You” Web page with graphics