Week of: 11/6 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology - Multimedia

Monday 11/6


Use List Tags to create a chronological site map with list tags.


Objective: Web Programming

Warmup Practice for TEST Wednesday on WS L1 in QuizLab

Music Razzle Dazzle



1.      Type basic Web tags for your site map.

2.      Save as sitemap.htm in your html folder, close windows, reopen and check title bar

3.      In the body center a headline tag(size your choice) with content: SITE MAP MULTIMEDIA 2006-7

4.      In Word Type up list of completed source work by NAME, date (see documentation) and describe the purpose (See the 2006 semester portfolio for purpose ideas)


Follow Up/HW: Finish WS L1 Test QuizLab Practice See Calendar Friday


Tuesday 11/7


Understand organization of basic tag on a Web page

Objective: Web Programming

Warmup: Make a Word bank from QuizLab practice for Test on WS L1



1.      Compare and Contrast OL and UL commands

2.      Explain meaning of the LI tag

3.      Review page WS 46-48 for sample List command source code

4.      Review page WS 34-35 for how sites are developed

Continue with Step 5 from yesterday

5.      Copy and Paste the List Content into the body of your Web Page.

6.      Add LIST HEADER, ordered list tags and list item tags around each item

7.      Add Hyperlinks around keyword for the content

8.      Add attributes to enhance the design: Body Attributes, Text tags and Graphical Elements

9.      Check all links I will come around to grade your pages see the Grade Sheet


Follow Up/HW: Study for Test organize notes, finish and study your word bank


Weds/Thurs 11/8&9


TEST on WS L1 in QuizLab

Objective: Web Programming


1.      Take Test in QuizLab

2.      Enhance Web page for grading: Halloween, 9-11, Rachel, Homecoming


Follow Up/HW: Show Web site to your parent for improvement ideas


Friday 11/10


Review Resource of TIME and relationship to USM

Objective: Technology Systems Inputs

Warmup: Explain how the objects on the board relate to inputs:

People: Poster from KHB

Information: T-H-S Venn, Algebra Test EC, Links Data

T-Shirt for rest of Inputs



1.      Review and Read Chapter 4 Inputs to Tech Systems

2.      Grade Web Pages using 1-4 scale

3.      Finish WS L2 Begin Review Questions


Follow Up/HW: Finish Reading WS L2 Begin Review Questions


Grades Week 13 6w2:

160 points: Halloween, 9-11, Rachel and Homecoming Web pages

40 points: Site map linking all work

100 points: TEST QuizLab WS L1