Week of: 11/13                                    Teacher: Karen North              Team: N1 – Technology - Multimedia

Monday 11/13


Describe details about the 7 inputs to technology.

Objective: Resources of Technology


Check / Do as needed QuizLab TS C3 to review and make connections to Chapter 4 – See calendar 10/30 for the 2 practice tests.



1.      Define “Words to Know” p. 62

2.      Complete C4 “Test Your Knowledge” by writing questions and answers



Rachel, 9-11, Homecoming and Halloween

  *NOTE:  Do NOT center paragraphs – the text you are writing.


Follow Up/HW:  Study for TEST TS C3 by practicing QuizLab TS C3


Tuesday 11/14


Describe the necessity to intelligently use and conserve the resources that are the inputs to technological systems.

Objective: Resources of Technology


1.      Finish Chapter 4 terms and TYK

2.      Practice for Test on Chapter 3

3.      Finish your site map


Extra Credit:

Design a Web page on the resources of technology that help you learn and WHY.  Put in a LIST.



Follow Up/HW:

Study for Test on Chapter 3


Weds/Thurs 11/15 & 16 1116


Demonstrate knowledge of C3 concepts

Objective: Technology Systems


1.      TEST Chapter 3 on QuizLab

2.      Do QuizLab practice on Chapter 4

3.      Work on enhancing Web site for your presentation beginning 11/28

4.      Work on your index home page that we began on week 8.  See Friday for details.


Follow Up/HW:


Friday  11/17


Finalize digital portfolio for presentation; add index and navigation Web pages. 


Objective: Web Programming

Warmup: Research the History of Toys

KIATQ:  When did they become so multimedia for pre-school age children?  Email answer to whs_media@yahoo.com with correct and descriptive subject line.


1.      Start a spreadsheet for 6W3 with progress report tentative grades.

2.      change total points to 148 for the 4 Web pages.

3.      Review technology, science and humanities navigation Web pages

4.      Make sure to save your work on the server.

5.      Research how to decide what to buy – use finance resource effectively (TS C4).

6.      Watch total training video on “How to Buy a Digital Camera”


Extra Credit:

7.      Design EC Web Page on toys and/or cameras

8.      Design a Dear Santa Letter


Follow Up/HW: Enhance Web site.



20 points – Terms and TYK C4

100 points - TEST C3

40 points – site map