WHS Lessons Week of: 11-27-2006 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia






Save digital portfolio to school server; check all links on your site map.


Objective: Organization and Work Ethics

Warmup: Frog Computer Test emailing to whs_media@yahoo.com work ethics applied to solve the problem. Use correct subject line for grade sorting.



1.       Save all work to school server for presentation tomorrow. Note: You will present from the school server to save time. But, you must have your memory stick or CD burned as a backup for your work.

2.       Have site map open for grading.

3.       Complete QuizLab WS L2 practice on lists and hyperlinks.


Follow Up/HW:

  1. Check off completed DP Summary including grades or check if completed (I will grade when you present as needed).
  2. Practice your presentation with your parents






Market your work for the semester to prove why you deserve the grade you gave yourself on the self-evaluation.



Objective: Marketing and Work Ethics

Warmup: Complete Digital Portfolio Self-Evaluation and attach to summary sheet



1.       Hand me your Self-Evaluation as you come up to present your semester work.

2.       Show all Web pages for design / color coordination.

3.       Read or summarize content from your best Web page(s).

4.       Present your Extra Credit Web pages(s).


Follow Up/HW: Study for TEST QuizLab WS L2




11/29 & 30


Demonstrate mastery of lists and links from WS L2.


Objective: HTML Programming


1.       TEST QuizLab WS L2

2.       Create teams to master content from TS C5, TS C6 and QuizLab practice.

3.       Finish DP presentations as needed


Follow Up/HW: QuizLab pre-test C5 & C6 see what you know and need to learn






Master C5 or C6 concepts that are part of your team work ethics.


Objective: Team Work Ethics and Technology Systems


1.       Complete your part of C5 or C6 work: QuizLab Questions, Terms, Test Your Knowledge, Graphics. See Final Exam handout for graphic ideas.

2.       Complete C5 & C6 Team Work:

  1. Type up summary of each chapter in MS Word.
  2. Include a list of key words and definitions.
  3. Add Graphics that enhance understanding.
  4. Print and submit what is completed on Monday.
  5. Mrs. Johnson will grade these.
  6. Teach each other in your team about all of C5 and C6.
  7. Mrs. Johnson will grade your team presentations.
  8. You have a TEST on C4-6 Weds/Thurs.

3.       Draw USM found on p. 86 by hand in your journal to use for semester summary making notes on what you need to review for your semester test.


Follow Up/HW: Enhance understanding of C1-C6 concepts for semester test review.




100 points: Semester Web site Self-Evaluation (20) and Presentation (80)

100 points: Test QuizLab WS L2 and Practice