Week of: 8/28                          Teacher: Karen North              Team: N1 – Technology - Multimedia

Monday 8/28


Practice ICT Skills using MicroType.

Objective: ITC Skills


1.      Define ITC and understand application to careers

2.      C&C typing speed of 30 WPM and 60 WPM in work completion

3.      Discuss application of skills learned in high school to future – What did Mrs. North find most useful?

4.      Learn to use USB Memory Stick

5.      Use IF/THEN/ELSE Command to start MicroType Typing tutorial program.

Define: Dialog Box, ICT, Broswer, IE, E:/, Address Bar, Icon, Conditional Command

Follow Up/HW:


Tuesday 8/29


Gain an understanding of ICT through online research.


Objective: ITC Skills


1.      Set up email communication in QuizLab.

2.      Log into www.quizlab.com with classword: WORKETHICS and your assigned password copied into front cover of journal.

3.      Click My Account tab and Update email with your email address.

4.      Practice typing skills

Define: Professional Email

Follow Up/HW: Add your parent’s email to QuizLab.


Weds/Thurs 8/30&31


Write reflections about the Rachel Presentation from 8.28 and 8.29 on Columbine.

Objective: Application of Universal Systems Model (USM)


1.      Congratulate winner of College Design

2.      Preview TS Textbook

3.      Discuss concepts already covered in the textbook and interests

4.      Write reflections about Rachel applying the USM


Follow Up/HW:


Friday     9/1


Analyze grade data from the first 3 weeks. 

Objective: Data Analysis


1.      Correct Quiz1 on types of computers

2.      Correct Quiz 2 on Input / Output devices & System Unit

3.      Calculate average for progress reports – see grades below

4.      Math Review average is part / total : points earned / total points

5.      Brainstorm a solution to improve achievement

6.      Take Chapter 1 pre-test in QuizLab using WORKETHICS log-in


Follow Up/HW: Complete any missing work for 6w1 3w1


Grades 3w1:

20 points – Student Profile Data Sheet

50 points – Partner Interview and Presentation

20 points – Article on Technology and Team Presentation

50 points – Technology Collage

50 points – Quiz 1 on Types of Computers

50 points - Quiz 2 on Input / Output Devices, Systems Unit, RAM & ROM

40 points - Supplies: Journal and USB Memory Stick (60 points next 3w1 on objectives entries)

100 points Daily Work including warm-up answers and class participation