Week of: 9/4/06 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia


Monday 9/4


Relax the mind.

Objective: Organize files in the mind


1.       Communicate with parents

2.       Think about first 3 weeks of school at WHS


Follow Up/HW:


Tuesday 9/5


Define Technology and understand the connections between Technology, Humanities and Science (T=H=S)


Objective: Technical Reading Skills

Warm-up (10 points):

Write an INVITATION to your parents to attend the Open House tomorrow night (Weds. 9/6). Include:

  • What you learned the first 3 weeks that you found most interesting or useful.
  • I will review how parents need to review your journal.
  • I will review grades; please attach your progress report.
  • I will also explain email communication via QuizLab.
  • They must RSVP if one or both parents will attend.


Activities for TS Chapter 1 ORT:

1.       Review headers, pictures and labels.

2.       Make a keyword Outline of Chapter 1 - See Objectives and headlines in bold for ideas.

3.       Read Chapter 1

4.       Define Terms you do NOT know.

5.       Complete the Test Your Knowledge questions. Include the question in the answer.

6.       Graphic Connection - In Paint draw a T=H=S Venn Diagram

7.       Current Event Connections

Applications: MS Word Outline Mode and MS Paint

Follow Up/HW: Give Parents your invitation and get a R.S.V.P.


Wed/Thurs 9/6-7


Make connections between the "Past, Present and Future" & "Technology, Science and Humanities" through feedback on first 3 weeks work.

Objective: Graphic Communication



1.       Draw a Venn Diagram in Paint representing the connections between Technology, Humanities and Science. Add content found in Chapter 1.

2.       Draw a Timeline in Paint representing the Ages of Technology found in Chapter 1.

Applications: MS Paint Drawing Tools: Image Attributes use 4x3 ratio; Shift-circle & copy/paste trick; transparency button

Follow Up/HW: Review Grades for first 3 weeks


Friday 9/8


Understand Graphic File Types and Evaluate Graphic Communication.

Objective: Graphic Communication


1.       Look at file type default and extension choices."
2. Improve thsvenn and techtimeline graphics.
3. Practice QuizLab Chapter 1 pre-test review questions.

Applications: Complete T-H-S Venn and Tech Timeline

Follow Up/HW: Collage due Monday for new students.
Read and Study GRAPHICS UNIT pages GR1 - 8 in your Multimedia Basics (MB) textbook.



10 points Invitation to Open House (Daily Work)

10 points Parent RSVP and progress report signature if average is below 80. (Daily Work)

50 points Parent and Student Email in QuizLab and communication with descriptive subject line (Objective Assessment)

50 points - Peer and Self Evaluations on T-H-S Venn Diagram and Technology Ages Timeline(Subjective Assessment)