Week of:  9-28                                   Teacher:         K. North                     Team: Technology / East 1





Design a webpage on Hurricane RITA.


G1: rita.doc

Objective: Content Writing Skills


°         Write content for a web page on Hurricane Rita using the prompt:

:    “What was your experience with RITA?”

°         Implement Specifications:

1)      4 to 8 lines in each paragraph

2)      Size 12 Times New Roman Font

3)      1 inch margins

4)      Double spaced

5)      Period in each line to prevent run-on sentences

6)      TITLE in ALL CAPS

°         Write 6 paragraphs with the GIPOFS headlines:

1)      Goal (Thesis)

2)      Input (Resources)

3)      Process (What did)

4)      Output (what happened)

5)      Feedback (feelings)

6)      Summary (Conclusion)



Follow Up/HW: Finish rita.doc




Evaluate Professional Multimedia for Bridge.



Objective:  Evaluate Multimedia


°         Review www.acbl.org and www.bridgebase.com websites for organization and content.

°         Play the bridge game learning software

°         Presentation on developing a WHS Bridge Club by Mrs. Ryan, education director for ACBL Houston http://www.d16acbl.org/U174/index.html.


Follow Up/HW: Write Thank You Note to Mrs. Ryan listing 3 things you learned AND if you would like to join the WHS Bridge Club.




Code web page for “GIPOFS” on Hurricane Rita.


G2: rita.htm

Objective:  HTML Programming


°         Correct autobio.htm and katrina.htm to prevent making the same mistakes in programming with HTML and Readability.

°         Start a new blank notepad for rita.htm:

1)      Save AS:  rita.htm

2)      Add name, period, date, description documentation, and HTML tags.

3)      Add head and body documentation, HEAD and BODY tags.

4)      Add Title tag indented and nested inside the head tags with description.

5)      Add rita.doc content with corrected grammar in WORD inside the paragraph tags.

6)      Center your CAPITALIZED TITLE.

7)      Add color and design attributes.


Follow Up/HW: Finish rita.htm