Week of: 9/25              Teacher: Karen North              Team: N1 – Technology - Multimedia

Monday 9/25


Demonstrate Knowledge of Technology as a SYSTEM.


Objective: Assessment on TS Chapter 2


1.      Grade USM / Chapter 2 concepts graphic

2.      Draw KID Pyramid Graphic and CCC Venn Diagram

3.      Take TEST on QuizLab over Chapter 2

4.      When finished practice typing or preview TS chapter 3


Follow Up/HW: Bring Multimedia Basics book to class.

Begin GR 26-28 Review Questions / Define ALL terms


Tuesday 9/26


Use Graphic drawing tools.

Objective: Team Work on Graphic Design


1.      Discuss the Summary with your partners; explain each concept to each other.

2.      Follow the Step-by-Step directions. One person reads, the other completes each task.  Trade out for more practice.

3.      Raise hand for me to check off the completed project when your team is finished.

4.      With your partner (1) Define all terms (2) Complete Multimedia Basics (MB) Review Questions page GR 26-28.

5.      Turn in completed questions AND answers with both team members names; assign duties to finish for homework as needed.

6.      EXTRA CREDIT – the Web Project p. 29


Follow Up/HW:  Finish up Terms and Review Questions as needed.

Repeat the 14 steps for using drawing tools as needed to become FLUENT – TEST Monday!


Weds/Thurs 9/27 & 28


Select 2 primary colors and 2 accent colors.

Objective: Graphic Design


1.      Play Wiggles Twist Music to follow oral directions.

2.      Play Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood Music

3.      Read Dr Suess “Oh the THINKS you can Think!

4.      Discuss CBS Sunday Morning News 9/25/06 and word NERD that he created. 



1.      View Source Code of Sample Web Page.

2.      Go to Reading Link/Web Mastering / BG Color Ideas

3.      Select two contrasting primary colors:

4.      One Very Dark

5.      The other Very Light

6.      Note the Hexadecimal code of these colors.

7.      Search for the word BGCOLOR and change the hexadecimal code in quotes to your color.

8.      Search for the word TEXT and change to your other primary color.

9.      Click the refresh button to see your new colors.

10.  Use these colors as you draw another THS Venn Diagram for your Web page. Use new techniques learned in the Graphics Unit, Lesson 1


Follow Up/HW:


Friday 9/29


Plan a LOGO for the WHS M.I.T. program.

Objective: Graphic Design


1.      Take the QuizLab Graphics Unit preTest.

2.      Compare and contrast what you have mastered with what you still need to learn. 

3.      Turn in Graphics Unit Lesson 1 Terms defined and Review Questions page GR 26-28.

4.      Begin LOGO for your Web Page.

  1. Keep the resolution smaller than 280 X 210 (4x3 with factor of 70) or it will be too large for your Web page.
  2. Use only your 4 colors. 
  3. Save as a .gif file with the name thsvennlogo. 
  4. If smart, figure out how to link on your Web page.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT:  Design a LOGO for the WHS M.I.T. program: See GR 30.


Follow Up/HW: Study for QUIZLAB objective test and hands on TEST using Paint Drawing Tools.



100 points – TEST TS Chapter 2

50 points – Team Step-by-Step 1.1 – 1.14  Practice GR 7 -> 25

50 points – Terms defined and Review Questions and answers GR 26 – 28

10 points – Daily Work QuizLab pretest Graphics Unit

Extra Credit: Web Project GR 29 or Teamwork Project GR 29 or M.I.T. LOGO GR 30