Week of: 10/3 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology - Multimedia

Monday 10/2


Prepare for the Week

Objective: HOLIDAY



Follow Up/HW:


Tuesday 10/3


Master Multimedia Basics Graphics Lesson 1



        Prepare for TEST by completing the QuizLab Pretest over Lesson 1

        Create an Excel Spreadsheet Word Bank from the QuizLab Review questions.

        With partner or alone type up any words from the review questions in Excel.

        Practice drawing Graphics in Paint as needed.


Follow Up/HW: STUDY FOR TEST Practice the pretest until mastered at 100%.


Weds/Thurs 10/4 & 10/5


Demonstrate mastery on creating graphics.

Objective: Graphics


1.      QuizLab TEST on Creating Graphics, Unit 1 Lesson 1

2.      Draw graphics in Paint following directions.

3.      Open a drawing canvas and set to the required image attribute size.


Follow Up/HW: Finalize selecting colors for Web page


Friday 10/6


Create a Web page using the Basic Web programming commands.

Objective: Web programming


1.      Start a blank text document and save as index.htm

2.      Add documentation for your name, period, date and Home Page description.

3.      Use the following basic HTML Commands: html, head, body, title, p, br, center.

4.      Add body attributes for colors selected last week.

5.      Find a quote that represents you and add to your home page for your Multimedia portfolio.

6.      Add your Technology-Science-Humanties LOGO to your home page.


Follow Up/HW: Finalize Home Page. Review Multimedia Basics Web Site Development Lesson 1: page WS 1 28.



5 points Daily Work: Warmup data types and extensions

10 points Daily Work: Excel spreadsheet word bank for Graphics Lesson 1

10 points Daily Work: Practice Test in QuizLab MB Pretest Lesson 1

100 points - Objective TEST QuizLab MB Lesson 1 Creating Graphics

100 points - Subjective TEST Creating 2 graphics in Paint