Week of: 10/10 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology - Multimedia

Monday 10/9


Practice directions to program a basic Web page.


Objective: Web programming


1.      Write directions to program a basic Web page

2.      Create a Web page for each of your test graphics: cccvenn.gif and kidpyramid.gif.

3.      Add colors as desired that you selected from your practice Web page.

4.      Please save all to your work in My Documents or your memory stick and/or burn a CD. You will get a new seat this week.


Follow Up/HW: Read WS 1-13; Do steps 1.1 1.4 on your HOME computer to use as a backup for your year-long digital portfolio


Tuesday 10/10


Add test graphics, titles and content to the Basic Web pages.

Objective: Web programming




1.      Add image link to your basic Web page. This is the one we worked on yesterday, or you may create a new one today. See the Graphical Elements code on the HTML commands handout.

2.      Center a unique title to your Web page.

3.      Add a short paragraph describing the purpose of the graphic using the paragraph tag.

4.      Add a humorous or thinking label connecting graphic to school/learning.

5.      Add colors that your selected from the background color wheel.

6.      Add Horizontal Rules for design quality.

7.      Redo you index home page from scratch.

8.      Find a quote that represents your learning philosophy and add using the center tag.


Follow Up/HW: Study for re-test QuizLab TS C2 or MB GR L1 as needed. Bring your camera to take pictures of all house hallway decorations.


Weds/Thurs 10/11 & 10/12


Use headline and formatting HTML tags.

Objective: Web Programming

Warmup: Tell me what you think of this Web site lesson.



1.      Add headline tags to your content titles.

2.      Compare and Contrast the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 headline tags.

3.      Add bold and font size tags to your name for design elements.

4.      Add italics tags to your graphics labels on your CCC Venn, KID Pyramid and Index Home Web pages.

5.      Retake TS C2 and MB GR L1 QuizLab Tests as needed.

6.      Take photographs of homecoming decorations if finished with work.


Follow Up/HW: Read Again WS 14-23; Do steps 1.5-> 1.10 on your home computer. Your parents are to grade and sign the email.


Friday 10/13


Practice Basic HTML commands by reviewing the handout.

Objective: Web Programming


1.      Look at the Pingmag Web Programming Lessons.

2.      Compare and contrast HTML Tags and Attributes.

3.      Compare and contrast HTML attributes to variables / constants in algebra.

4.      Review the Basic Tags, Header Tags, Body Attributes, Formatting tags and Text Tags on your HTML code sheet.

5.      Correct your test graphics for enhanced Web design elements:

  • Take off your name and period
  • Trim to as small as possible to look better on your Web page.

6.      Open your 3 Web pages for evaluation:

  • Index with THS Venn Diagram
  • Knowledge with Kid Pyramid
  • Careers with CCC Venn Diagram


Follow Up/HW: Finish WS Lesson 1.

Bring a CD to burn all your work this year and prepare for new seating assignment.



100 points: 3 aesthetically designed Web pages with the 3 graphics and colors

50 points: Source codes spaced and readable with basic code for kid pyramid and CCC Venn

print and submit the 2 source codes review readability rules