By Juan Huerta


Learning to solve problems with limited resources..



·         Day 1:  In groups of 2 or 3 make up a story using the 7 resources.

·         Day 2:  Motivate students to practice Paint Tools by drawing Modern Art Graphic.

·         Day 3:  Using mastery check sheet obtain feedback on graphics.



·         Story One:  How Pedro Gets to School

  1. Machine / Tools - Car
  2. People - Dad
  3. Energy – Gasoline
  4. Materials – Tires, rubber
  5. Money – buy the gas from the store
  6. Information – directions on how to location
  7. TIME – Minute saved is a minute earned – traffic out front
    1. Turns around or stops in the middle street to let you out
    2. Selfish – my time vs. society (others) time


·         Class Story: Resources in the Computer Lab

  1. Machine / Tools – Computer / Paint
    1. Toggle switch to view tools
    2. window
  2. People – Mrs. North
  3. Energy – Motivation –
    1. How hard do you plan to work?
    2. Your focus, are you listening? Self-discipline to not be selfish
  4. Materials – softcopy or digital paper compared hardcopy paper
  5. Money – Scholar dollars for exemplary work, grades
  6. Information – if you teach you learn
    1. How to resize paper
    2. Task Bar – Minimize
    3. Attributes – 400 pixels by 300 pixels
    4. Toggle Switches –view menu choice
    5. Only use zoom for detail work
  7. TIME
    1. Practice using ALL the paint tools
    2. Make a modern art scribble picture
    3. You must be quiet to listen or you waste your free learning time.
    4. You waste time asking me if you can do something you know you can’t.





  1. Scribble with Pencil and Brush Tools
  2. Add Rectangle and Ovals
  3. Fill with Paint Bucket
  4. Add Text as desired
  5. Add Frame as desired





·         Use Mastery Check Sheet to see if you can use each Paint Tool

·         Get Feedback from other students

·         Reflect on your work - Compare and Contrast Applications

·         Check:

  1. Are you using a digital paper size 400 pixels by 300 pixels?
  2. Are at least TWO graphics saved in your teacher’s folder on the server?
    1. Name CARD with flower or star
    2. Modern Art Graphic
    3. Extra Credit Graphic Design


Drawing of a Book Cover