By Juan Huerta

TIME A Resource of Technology

A Minute Saved is a Minute Earned


1.      History and Motivation

a.       Show Typewriter and QUERTY Keyboard

b.      Discuss history of Word Processing and using a Computer

c.       The faster you type the faster you finish your work.



2.      Resources

a.       Type to Learn Software

                                                              i.      Select your teacher

                                                            ii.      Select your grade

                                                          iii.      Find your name and select

                                                          iv.      Select Lesson 1 HOME ROW


b.      Online Technology Application Lessons

                                                              i.      Log into

                                                            ii.      Do Home Row Lesson

                                                          iii.      If time, do more lessons


c.       If you brought a writing sample, open up MS Word

                                                              i.      begin typing your paper.

                                                            ii.      If you have a Spanish character ask how to type it.

                                                          iii.      Younger students can add pictures and labels


3.      Compare & Contrast the applications.