All of the following links can be used to research many science topics...some are absolutely fantastic. Enjoy!

1. It's Elemental- The Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table on which you click to get info for all elements.

2. Chemical an interactive periodic table of the elements.

interactive with electron configuration, a bit more complicated

3. Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table

interactive periodic table with isolation information

4. A Periodic Table of the elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory

indepth info per element as the ones above- interactive.

5. Chemistry: Periodic Table and More

Tons of info by element with abundance etc., basic stats, no indepth info on history etc.

6. Chemical Elements Table

Info by alpha listing with discoverer and history ALSO interdisciplinary info and links to more sites!!!!!

8. Atom Models

Nice interactive site on the many models of the atoms.

9. Bohr Models

Interactive site explaining the Bohr Model.

10. NSDL The National Science Digital Library

info on all things science

11. A Science Odyssey: You Try It:Atom Builder

PBS site that contains tons of information regarding science including some neat interactives like atom builder etc.

12. AIP Center for History of Physics Web Sites

Links to anything and everything related to physics, including the atom and atomic models, some images, and lots of famous people and scientists, also exhibit information

13. Howstuffworks "How Atoms Work"

Info and great images and animation very good site for students to see and read.

14. Infoplease website, also has images and more

internet encyclopedia to search for uses of elements and other topics, broken in to sections

15. C&EN:It's Elemental: The periodic table- fluorine

each element with nice at a glance info and more esp usage and production

16. Links for Chemists

Links to many different sites

17. Wikipedia

all sorts of info and ability to publish your own work!!!

18. Fact Index Main Page

a lot of definitions and basic facts- good to look up terms for anything

19. Quizhub: Chemical elements and symbols quiz

Symbol quiz- redo format for the ones being presented- use CPS

20. Online Quiz Generators



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