Business Plan Project
Ky Willson
Curriculum Area

Career and Technology Education
Business Computer Information Systems I


Within the first semester, students have completed practice in Microsoft Word and Excel programs, as well as Desktop Publishing skills. Each is responsible for being able to manipulate the programs to create documentation pertinent to a professional work environment.

By combining classroom skills with industry related experience in "real world application", students gain insight into the preparation and knowledge necessary to construct a sound business from the ground up. She then is sensitive to various issues concerning the workplace; therefore, efficient and conscientious.

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While encouraging team work, this lesson provides each student an opportunity to utilize skills gained in computing basics, Microsoft Word and Excel programs in the first semester of Business Computer Information Systems I. Further, students gain an understanding of entrepreneurial business origination and organization skills.

The project will result in a bound business plan to be evaluated by the instructor.

Grade Level 10-12
Curriculum Standards TEKS 3.E, 3.F, 4.A, 4.B, 7.A-7.D
Prior Knowledge Students must be able to efficiently function in the Microsoft Word and Excel programs, use desktop publishing skills and navigate the world wide web.
Completion Time 6 class meetings
Progression Students will meet with the instructor at each class meeting to discuss the progress of the group.


The group is seeking venture capital for a business startup of their choosing. They will complete an array of documentation for the business plan that convey information necessary to convince the capitalists to invest in the business. This will result in a 20 minute presentation to include a bound and a saved copy.



The documents are to be formatted professionallyand without error. Each document will convey the image of the company and/or industry. Each must use :

similar title and paragraph formatting styles
similar spacing
similar alignment
headers and footers
page numbers
appropriate citations
legible and complimentary font styles
appropriate licensing identification
links to resources
* No window or orphan lines

Required Documents

Title Page
Section Title Pages
Table of Contents

Company Logo
Executive summary
Laws governing the industry/business
Company strengths and weaknesses
Mission Statement
Vision/Objectives for the organization
Management responsibilities/ Key personnel

Business Description to include:

Type - product/service, history, motivation fot entering industry
Target market
Demographic information (with chart)
Hours of Operation
Competitive comparisons

Sources of supplies

Sources of equipment

Start up timeline

Staffing newsletter to include:

Responsibility summarization
Recruitment plan
Company rules and regulations
Dress code
Promotion Standards

Safety Plan

Technology Plan

Allocation table of inititating capital (using Microsoft Excel, with chart)

Press release

10 industry related sources


Group Member Documentation to include:

Resume of each member
References of each member
1 page reflection of personal performance, contribution, and experience
1 page confidential reflection of group performance

Member responsibility planning sheet

Project timeline


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