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TEKS Objectives 4.A, 4.B
Grade Level 10-12

You are planning your budget for the coming year. Consider and plan the following lifestyle scenario in a spreadsheet itemizing each revenue and expense item by category (i.e. housing, education, etc.).

Calculate and total your monthly and annual expenses for each category (you must use all categories) using the appropriate formulas. Devise amounts using current pricing. Include a 10% quarterly increase for utilities and debt payments. Also, calculate your year end net worth.


You are a student that is taking afull class load in college, working part-time (average 25 hours a week, paid bi-weekly), and enjoys leisure activities with your friends.

You have found that all your educational costs have not been covered this year and you want to plan for the coming year, January 2003 - December, 2003.

You have a part-time job that pays $9.00 an hour, offering no benefits, requires company attire (dry cleaned regularly), and gives a bonus of $200 at Spring Break given you have missed no days of work.

Professional Scenario

You have graduated college and find your first professional, salaried position in the Houston area. You must plan your new financial life and housing arrangements from advertised pricing. All costs must be justified. Document sources by category on "Sources" sheet.

1. Locate a professional job posting stating responsibilities, salary, and benefits offered;

2. Locate a housing advertisement indicating the cost of a home;

3. Determine monthly expenditures for living in the Houston area, identifing the sources listed below.

Create a spreadsheet to include a bi-weekly breakdown of salary and expenses

Account for all expenses

Calculate monthly and annual expenses using appropriate formulas

Calculate the end of year savings totals

Calculate the end of year investment totals

Calculate the end of year net worth



College Simulation

Professional Simulation