Dinos to Ducks

Is that turkey you ate at Thanksgiving a descendant of a dinosaur?
Are they really extinct?
This embryology project is designed to have students hatch ducks
and compare the process to the hatching of dinosaurs.
Use the following web sites to help you with your project:

Blocker Middle School would like to thank
Rich Penney
for the use of his Parasaurolophus Image.

Embryology Data Sheets
Ordering and Incubation of ducks or geese
Our Incubator
Duck Adoption
Avian Embryo


Dino Activity

National Geographic: Dinosaur Eggs
Sounds and Images of the Dinosaur
Dinos at Berkeley
Dinosaurs in Texas
Dinosaurs and Birds, The Story

Dinosaur Extinction
Smithsonian Institute of Dinosaurs
Books on Extinction found by Leo

Colleen and Joe's Find
University of California at Berkeley-Museum of Paleontology
Australian Museum

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