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Due Date:

December 12th

Reporting on Greenhouse Gases

The assignment is to write an article for a newspaper. The topic is the greenhouse effect. The writing must be to a layperson, but do not compromise the science content. The assignment includes eight specific components:

An explanation of the suspected greenhouse effect.
A description of the types of research being done.
The types of gases involved and their sources.
The trends of the gas levels over the past 250 years.
The trends of the temperatures over the past 250 years.
Make up two quotes from scientists that you meet at Mauna Loa. You can make up their names if you like. They should be at least three sentences long and quoted correctly. One quote should be from a scientist who believes that the increased levels of gases are causing global warming. The other quote should be from a scientist who does not agree. You must realize that there are varying theories about this. Be creative because you will have to verbalize the theories in their quotes, not just repeat the obvious for three sentences.
Your personal prediction about global warming and gases levels. Speculate based on the facts you have gathered in the reading and work completed.
Some type of graphic to enhance the article. YOU MAY NOT COPY from the Greenhouse Gases readings, however, you can get ideas. Try to combine carbon dioxide levels, temperature changes, and years on the same graph.





The following are URLs that may help:

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Economic Benefits for reducing Greenhouse gases

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If this does not help, use any search engine, reference book or library to find more information on Greenhouse gases.

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