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Writing Grants

Alan November states, "Many educators feel that writing a grant proposal is a long and difficult process that, more often than not, isn't rewarded with funding. But you don't have to win the grant to be a "winner." The programs and ideas in the proposal, and the support you garner among colleagues for those ideas, are the biggest prizes."


Need a Grant?

This web site can help you with how to write the grant and where to find one for your science classroom. Proposal Writing and Grantsmanship for Teachers.

Chelicerata Feeding on an Earwig's Eye and a Wasp

Your class will operate an Electron Microscope from your classroom! Any public or private classroom is eligible to participate in the Bugscope project. Bugscope is primarily oriented for K-12 classrooms but we would certainly encourage applications from informal education programs such as after-school or museum programs. There is no cost to participate in the project.

Center For Excellence and Equity in Education

Mission Statement:
The Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) seeks to promote greater participation of underrepresented groups in the sciences, and to encourage academic excellence for all.


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