Making Powerpoint Projects

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

Overview & Objectives

Microsoft PowerPoint® makes it easier to illustrate, and deliver your ideas.
Whether you're in math, science, social studies or working on projects
outside of school, you can organize your ideas easily. The Powerpoint program
provides the tools you need to make your point—powerfully.

Class - Time required: 60 minutes

Grade Level:8

Materials: One 3.5 floppy with student's name, computer with powerpoint, time, imagination.

Background Information:
The teacher will need a working understanding of how to use powerpoint.
Students will need to know how to use the keyboard, save to a floppy
disk and use the mouse.

Make a six slide power point presentation about yourself answering the questions in the lesson and present it to the class.


  • To start, find the icon on your computer marked "powerpoint".
  • Place the mouse over the icon and OPEN Powerpoint.
  • A window will open called "create a new presentation . . ", select cancel.
  • Go to FILE, press NEW
  • When the slide comes up in the window, press OK.
  • In AUTOLAYOUT press OK once again.
  • First Slide: Click inside "title" to type your name.
  • Click in "subtitle" and type class, period, date
  • EXAMPLE: Science, 1A, August 20.
  • To save your first slide, go to file, save as
  • Select 3 1/2 floppy (A:)
  • in the file name: your last name1, Example: lee1
  • Make sure your same after each slide!
  • Select "New Slide" and autolayout will take you to the next slide, press OK.
  • Second Slide: Three word that I would like others to use in describing me.
  • Third Slide: What I like to do in my "free time."
  • Forth slide:A major goal in my life.
  • Fifth slide: A special talent or gift that I have.
  • Sixth slide: One of my favorite things (activity, thing, person), & my favorite color.
  • Next lesson, Inserting graphics.