What can a Verizon Grant
 do for you?

A Verizon GRANT
can make dreams come true!

The program begins with a seminar that brings together the entire class of 140 Fellows for a week of learning about new technology and sharing ideas and teaching techniques. During the seminar, the Fellows visit Verizon Labs in Boston, Mass., and then travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with their congressional representatives.

Our grant will allow us to make our classrooms in Texas City, interactive on the internet with the use of video conferencing, designing web sites, powerpoint, video editing of field labs.

The grant enabled us to attend Teletraining in Stillwater Oklahoma in October

The grant paid for travel, lodging, food, training.

The Madison House, a bed and breakfast,  was an added bonus

Learning Video Streaming



Throughout the ensuing year, GIFT Fellows pursue their school enrichment projects and professional development goals. Some examples of winning GIFT school enrichment projects include:

Using DNA fingerprinting to learn more about an endangered fish species.

Examining the cellular mechanisms of cancer to look for mathematical relationships between normal and       diseased cells.

Testing local watersheds for possible contamination from abandoned oil wells and trying different remediation       methods at polluted sites.

Using Global Positioning Systems and computer-based labs to help restore a natural sand prairie.

Conducting motion labs to study seat belt use in moving vehicles.

Providing students with a new perspective on their place in the universe, using a high-intensity telescope.

GIFT Fellows have used their professional development award in various ways, including to travel to Africa or South America for research field trips; to attend NASA Space Camp; to take courses in their field; to attend conferences for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Science Teachers Association and Teachers Teaching with Technology, among others.

Since the program's inception in 1983, more than $11 million in GIFT grants have been awarded to more than 1,800 math and science teachers.


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