Watch That Water, Please!

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.
Chief Seattle

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Raising Your Water IQ

Comal Watershed Information

Animals are BIOINDICATORS which means if something is happening to the animals in our regions, it is happening to us. During this project we study embryos of Frogs, Chickens and HUMANS. We also watch the migration of BUTTERFLIES or the everyday Dragonfly to study changes in the environment. Please join us!

Science – students learn about the chemistry of the water they drink and enjoy. Two water test kits are used to analyze drinking and stream water. The Earth Force-Green water test kit is used for drinking water from their homes and tested on a weekly basis. Data from students’ drinking water is submitted to Earth Force-Green web site and a GIS map is plotted showing areas tested. South Texas State University, Texas Watch water test kit is for use in the field. Each site will be photographed, data colleted, biodiversity noted, macroinvertabrates cataloged. The water quality data will be submitted to the Texas Watch website for analysis with other Texas Watch groups. Students construct CISD website with links to their work, photographs of the areas, maps being used, local updates about testing and encouraging others to join us.

Math- with the lessons on math class and directions give on how to collect data, students will submit data to a hard copy on the waters’ chemistry. The Excel spreadsheet will be designed in math class to be taken into the field and used for drinking water from home. Each set of data will be graphed and analyzed with other points of water test sites.

Social Studies– using the data from Science and the spreadsheets from Math class, students will construct a Power point presentation of the data collected. Mark points of testing on the Guadalupe Valley Watershed Map. For the drinking water, color-code the map indicating surface or ground and city or well water.

Reading/English- compose the written sections of the website by researching CISD water sources and the history of the area. Write a rough draft of the past present and future of our watershed. Project Comal County into the future thirty or more years and describe what you want it to be. Use photographs and compositions to help construct COMAL ISD Watershed study.



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