How to Make a Convection Box

1. You will need a piece of 1/4 inch plyboard big enough to cut pieces this size:
  • 2 - 12" x 12" and 3 - 12" x 18"
  • 1 piece of glass or plexiglass approximately 12" x 17 3/4"
  • 2 glass chimneys that you can purchase from WALMART
  • black and white spray paint
  • nails and hammer
  • jigsaw and router

2. Make a box - like structure with the 5 pieces of plywood

  • cut two holes in the top (one of the 12 x 18 pieces) big enough for the chimneys to fit in (centered and 10 inches apart)
  • paint the inside of the box black and the outside white
  • rout a groove for the glass to slide into on the two side 12 x 12 panels (the glass forms the other side and allows you to view the convection currents formed in the box)