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From Sea to Shining Sea

An Environmental Study

Georgia Louviere


Seventy percent of the Earth is water. Because of this, Earth is often referred to as the "Blue Planet" and is an awesome sight as photographed by astronauts in space. For many years humans have viewed oceans as large dumping grounds for all types of garbage...from plastic milk jugs to radioactive waste. Recently, the problems caused by man-made debris in the marine environment have gained increasing attention. Marine debris poses serious threats to marine wildlife, navigation, and aesthetic qualities of marine areas. Marine debris is more than just trash from your house. It comes from many sources and consists of many things. The activities presented here will make you more aware of a very serious problem.

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Table of Contents

What is Marine Debris?
Marine Debris Timeline
What is the Dirty Dozen?
How Much of the U. S. is Made Up of Coastline?
Environmental Report Card
How Can You Help?
Teacher Notes