Balloon racers rely on Newton's Third Law of Motion. As the air rushes backward out of the balloon it pushes the car forward in the opposite direction with an equal force. Your job is to make the most of this force!

The rules to this activity are simple:
  • The car must be powered by balloons.

  • You can build the car out of anything.

  • It must have at least three wheels. Wheels are defined as anything that is round and goes around.

  • The wheels cannot be wheels from a toy car. They must be made out of something that was not originally meant to be used as wheels.

  • The car may not leave the ground.

  • The car must be capable of traveling at least 5 meters.

On race day we will set up a track down a long hallway. You will race in pairs against other classmates. Cars that follow all of the rules will be eligible for awards. These awards will be given in three categories:

  • Best Looking Car

  • Fastest Car (in first 5 meters)

  • Farthest Distance Traveled

Helpful Hints