Table of Contents

Teacher's Guide

Information and suggestions on how to use these pages.

History of the Atmosphere

An outline of the events that may have led to the development of our present atmosphere - links included for additional information.

Composition of the Atmosphere

Information, graphic, and links to other online resources about the present-day atmospheric gases.

Structure of the Atmosphere

A graphic and details are given about the structure of the atmosphere, plus links to other resources available on the internet.

Activity - Past, Present, and Future

This activity combines science with language arts and mixes in a little creativity to take the blahs out of grading - an excellent alternative assessment activity.

Lab Activity - Oxygen Calculation

This is a hands-on activity that makes the math connection when students calculate the percentage of oxygen present in the air.

Activity - Up, Up, and Away!

Students apply problem-solving skills in developing a scaled drawing of the layers of the atmosphere.

Activity - Atmosphere Riddles

Who am I-type questions assesses students' knowledge of the layers of the atmosphere.

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