The Atmosphere - Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide


The lessons at this website were prepared to introduce the student to the fundamental principles of the earth's atmosphere: history, composition, and structure. Included are three pages of information and links to allow for exploration and expansion of current knowledge. In addition, there are four activities to develop performance skills, not only in science, but in math and language arts as well.

Grade Level

These lessons were developed for 5th-8th grade students. However, depending on the ability level of the students, they can be easily adapted to fit other age groups as well.


Internet access, if possible or printed pages - See individual activities for specific material requirements.

Lesson Procedures

It is recommended that students take notes in their journals as they study the material and investigate the online resources. It would be best for students to work independently or with a partner if possible. If internet access is not available, the pages can be printed and duplicated for students to use for the activities.

Up, Up, and Away and the Oxygen Calculation Lab may require teacher supervision.


Each activity should be assessed according to the requirements specified for each assignment. In some instances, a grading chart has been included.
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