Fun Hurricane Activities

This activity is an interactive track of every Atlantic Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane since 1950- AWESOME!
A fun movie and quiz about hurricanes.
An interactive game that lets you see how winds work together to determine where a hurricane will strike.
An interactive game that allows you to create a hurricane under ideal circumstances.
A multimedia learning package aimed primarily at middle school students. It integrates disaster safety and preparedness with science instruction, providing an engaging interactive learning environment.
An interactive quiz over the effects of hurricanes.
Click to see the parts of a hurricane.
An interactive quiz about hurricane safety.
Use this page to make a hurricane spiral. Then you can use it to create and better understand the spiral effect of a hurricane.
An interactive crossword puzzle about hurricanes.
A timeline from 1495 to 2000 about hurricanes.
An online, interactive quiz about hurricanes.
This interactive map will automatically plot the location of active storms. You can also use "Quick Plot" to enter your own coordinates or use the "Storm Archive" to plot any storm since 1900.
Test your knowledge of hurricane season with this interactive quiz.
A flash animation that allows you to interact and create a hurricane.
Interactively track three "killer" hurricanes using latitude and longitude.
A series of questions and links to where you can find the answers about hurricanes.
A simple, fun activity where you play against the computer.
An interactive quiz about hurricanes integrating math.
A fun activity where you make your body act like a hurricane and describe how it feels.
Compare and contrast different hurricanes seen from space.
An "Event-Based" Science Project where you are the hurricane expert tracking a hurricane.
An "Event-Based" Science Project where it is your job to analyze hurricane satellite data.
An interdisciplinary lesson plan where students compare statistics of Hurricane Floyd to other recent hurricanes. It integrates math.
A decision-making activity where you've just been elected mayor and a hurricane is headed your way.
Your weather team reviews the action of Hurricane Andrew (1992) in preparation for tracking, analyzing, and predicting the course of a new hurricane that may threaten North America this school year.
You are a hurricane expert. You must track a hurricane and predict its path.
You must graph hurricane eye pressure and wind speed to determine if there is a correlation.
You must track a fictional tropical storm using coordinates and alert the National Hurricane Tracking Control Center when it becomes a hurricane.
An online, interactive tour of a hurricane.
An exciting Flash animation all about hurricanes.

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