Preparing for a Hurricane

HURRICANE PREPARATION is serious business especially if you live in a "hurricane zone" like we do. Hurricane season for us is June 1 through November 30. Before hurricane season begins, these are some things that you need to do in case a hurricane heads your way.

You need to always have plenty of water because the water sources may be shut off. You also need to have can goods to last you for two weeks. Be sure that you have a hand-held can opener. A battery-operated radio, batteries of all sizes, flashlights, and a first-aid kit are necessities also.

If you know for sure that a hurricane is heading your way, try to board up your windows. Stay indoors until it is completely over. Also, put sandbags outside your home to help prevent flooding. Stay tuned to your local stations or NOAA Weather Radio.

If you have to leave your home, pack what you need. Follow your town's evacuation route. Stay away until it is safe to return. Don't forget your pets. Have a collar and leash for them and a cage if possible.


  • Know if you live in an evacuation area. Know your home's vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind. Have a written plan based on this knowledge.
  • At the beginning of hurricane season (June 1), check your supplies, replace batteries and use food stocks on a rotating basis.
  • During hurricane season, monitor the tropics. Monitor NOAA Weather Radio.
  • If a storm threatens, heed the advice from local authorities. Evacuate if ordered.
  • Execute your family plan.

Go here to get a printable Get Ready Checklist.

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