Festive Mask - Student Artwork

"What do you Assume? Is it art? Aesthetics Class Discussion

I begin this unit by preparing a worksheet for my students that guide them in a class discussion of historical masks as an artform. Information on the assigned mask is withheld until later to grab the students' curiosity.

  1. When do you think this mask was made?
  2. What culture do you think made this mask?
  3. Why do you think this culture or people made this mask?
  4. What story do you think the mask is telling? Write down the story.
  5. List 5 things something must have to be considered a piece of art.
  6. According to the 5 things you listed, do you consider this mask a piece of art? Why or why not?
  7. Now read the information on the mask and compare it to what you wrote.
  8. Underline all the parts you wrote about the mask that are similar or parallel to the information on the mask.
  9. Choose two spokespersons and present your findings to the class. Tell the class why or why not the mask is art (open class discussion will follow).















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