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The Intergalactic

"The Intergalactic" won 1st Place, Youth Category, in the 14th Annual Houston Art Car Parade, April of 2001, a parade sponsored each year by the Orange Show Foundation.

My students from Eastwood Academy Charter High School brainstormed and developed the concept for this art car after doing a research on astronomy via documentaries, web searches, and giving a lot of personal input into this astronomical car. These were my advanced art students, so a review of the Principles of Design, color theory, and lessons on Folk Art was sufficient to let them loose and be creative with the art car.

"The Intergalactic" - 2001 Art Car Parade

"The Dragon" - 2000 Art Car Parade

The Three-Headed Dragon

"The Three-Headed Dragon" won 2ndPlace, Youth Category, in the 13th Annual Houston Art Car Parade, April of 2000.

The concept for this art car was developed through a research of endangered species, ecological issues related to Earth Day, and studies of the Surrealist art movement. Each part of The Dragon represents a species or fauna that is endangered, such as the wings of the American eagle, the head of the Sea Horse, with the interior of the art car full of plastic plants and flowers representing the disappearing jungles of South America.

My students' awareness of the world was enhanced through this successful project.

Channel 13 featured the art car, interviewing teacher and students; and the Houston Chronicle featured teacher and students during the Art Car Ball.

We cut feathers out of eight 18' x 3' sheets of metal; glued many pounds of mirror pieces, hundreds of plastic plants and flowers, and 20' of green astroturf; we also used 30 cans of spray insulation foam, too many caulking sticks to count, and went through dozens of goggles and gloves!

"The Frogmobile" - 1999 Houston Art Car Parade

The Frogmobile

"The Frog Mobile" received a 1st Place award, Youth Category, in the 12th Annual Houston Art Car Parade, April of 1999.

While I was a pre-service teacher at the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, under the supervision of Liz Hornik, art students developed the concept for the Frog Mobile. This was developed via art lessons in Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and brainstorming sessions.

CNN, Channel 13, and HISD News featured the art car, interviewing teachers and students.

We glued 700 plastic frogs, three garden frogs with motion sensors (for sound effects), 5,000 beads, many pounds of mirror, dozens of plastic flowers, case after case of caulking, trellis pieces. Of course, Kermit the Frog had a special place on the back of the car; actually, two of them.

HISD News, Channel 8, and El Dia Newspaper featured the art car, interviewing students and teacher.

We used 12 sheets of styrofoam, each measuring 4' x 4' x4", to sculpt the stars, planets and sun. Other materials included 10,000 metallic beads, many pounds of mirror, 700 CDs, and many cases of caulking.

I was very proud of their effort, creativity, and artistry!



















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