Workdays - A Part of the Learning Process

Students are given class time to draw designs, write down ideas in their sketchbooks, ask questions, work in groups, offer each other help, etc. I walk around the class to work individually with students as they develop their ideas. I give them guidance through the brainstorming and design process.

Students will draw from their knowledge of the Principles and Elements of Design, and color theory to come up with a final mask design, keeping in mind the personality trait or ritual they have chosen to represent. Students have the option of doing a theme similar to the lesson requirements pending my approval. For example, students may have the option to design a celebration mask.

When they feel ready to build their mask, materials are ready for them to use. I let my students work at their own pace, according to their own learning style.

If students are at a stopping point during classtime, they have another assignment that is ongoing. For example, if they need to let their mask dry for 30 minutes, they will pull this ongoing assignment and work on it until their mask dries.

One of the ongoing assignments I give them is the Perpective Packets. Perspective is a skill that is learned by practicing, and it can be frustrating while the student is learning one, two and three point perspective. Doing these exercises in small doses, lowers their frustration level and helps them retain the skill better.

See the Student Gallery for a Perspective Environement Project in two-point perspective designed by one of my students.

During studio workdays students receive two weekly grades, Participation and Artwork.





Face Mask - Student Artwork











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