Feeback from my Students - A way to Prepare for the Following Year

I consider all students potentially at risk of dropping out of school or failing my course due to pressures inside or outside the school environment, or plain and simple lack of interest.

Because of this, my aim is to teach lessons that grab as much of their interest and attention as possible. I also aim at establishing relationships with my students that will encourage them to come to class and learn. I provide for them as much of a challenging environment as possible where they problem-solve AND succeed, building their confidence and creative minds.

One of my aims in offering them the opportunity to give me feedback on my art program is to know if they learned my objectives, to become aware of any unmet needs, to learn how well I have met those needs, and to better plan for the following school year. I receive feedback from Special Education and LEP students as well.

One student feedback
A Survey Response
(14 sec. @36.8K)
Another Student Feedback
A Survey Response
(5 sec. @12.02 K)















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