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Gender Equity in Education
A List of Sites Related to Gender Equity
Compiled by Martha C. Phelps-Borrowman
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The Review Zone
Education expert: Classroom gender bias persists
The Education of Girls
Review of Failing at fairness: How America's schools cheat girls.
Mobilising for a fair go on the net:
   Gender Equity in Cyberspace

Women's WWW Resources
"Has Feminism Gone Too Far?"
Feminism & Gender Studies
Feminist Curricular Resources Clearinghouse
Gender Equity in Sports
Women's Sports Foundation
Just SPORTS for Women
Florida Department of Education
Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal
Failing At Facts: The Myths of the Fairness Advocates
"The Feminist Challenge"
Gender Equity Grants Projects
If You Have a Title IX Complaint . . .
Duke University Journals
WWW Women's Sports Page
Title What?
Albany Academy for Girls
The Vampire Diaries- Computer Game for Girls
The Barbie Syndrome
Beyond Barbie: Girls and Video Games
The O'Doherty Report-The myth about boys...
World Wide Web Sites that Address Gender Equity
Play-Games on the Web and Other Resources for Girls
The Math/Science Network and Expanding Your Horizons
Alphabetical Index of Women Mathematicians
Madeline's Passport to Adventure
National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, Inc
Equity Internet - May 1997
Alta Vista List of Expanding Your Horizons Sites
Gender and Chi!
The Changing Face of Science
6/18/97 - News: 25 Years After Title IX, Sexual Bias in K-12 Sports Still Sidelines Girls
6/18/97 - News: States Step Up To Push for Equity in Absence of Federal Enforcement
9/4/96 - Where the Girls Are
8/7/96 - Gender Equity: Pitting Boys Against Girls
9/25/96 - Letters To The Editor
6/12/96 - Where the Boys Are
9/4/96 - Letters to the Editor
5/14/97 - News: ETS Disputes Charges of Gender Bias
3/5/97 - News: Gender Studies Helping Girls and Boys, Book Argues
Separate-Sex Science Shortchanges Students: 2/5/97 - Commentary
Equity in Mathematics and Technology
Andrea's World
Purple Moon
Computers and the Internet: Listening to Girls' Voices

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