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Gender Equity in Education
A List of Sites Related to Gender Equity
Compiled by Martha C. Phelps-Borrowman
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Bridging the Science Gender Gap:
Raising Female Scientists and Engineers

Role Model Project for Girls
Just for Girls
Girls' Preferences in Software Design: Insights from a Focus Group
Women On-Line: Cultural and Relational Aspects of
Women's Communication in On-Line Discussion Groups

An Analysis of Computer-Mediated Communication Between
Middle School Students and Scientist Role Models A Pilot Study

Resources for Minorities in Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Girls to the Fourth Power
Miss Porter's School Summer Challenge '97
At Risk Children and Youth
The Herald's Title IX Library
Gender Equity in Sports
Gender Equity and the Black Female in Sports
Women's Sports Foundation
Girls in the Middle: Working to Succeed in School
Exploring Your Future in Math and Science
Her Interactive
Girl Power
Women and Gender OnLine: Special Focus
Girls With Web Pages of Their Own
Kyrene School District's Gender Equity Web-Site

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