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Martha's Web Page Perk Ups
Sources for Backgrounds, Clip Art, Animated Gifs
and HTML, Java, Tables, and Frames Help

This list was begun to give credit to the sites from which I have obtained images.
Hope I've included them all. But, now I have added a lot more links where you can
get freebies for your web pages. If you check out one of these sites, be sure to use
your back button on the Netscape menu bar, to come back to this list or my home page.
Wherever I could I have done some categorizing of the sites, however, it has been hard
for me to separate many of them into specific categories, because so many of them contain
so much different information.

Page 1 * Backgrounds, Clip Art, and Animated Gifs
Page 2 * HTML, Java, Tables, and Frames Help

Backgrounds, Graphics, Animated Gifs Borders
         A good group of bordered backgrounds for your web pages.
The Background Sampler
         Backgrounds only - from Netscape
Caboodles of Clip Art
         Clip Art, Animated Gifs, Mailboxes, and An Attic full of goodies. I love this one!
         Be patient, it loads fairly slowly.
HTML Bells and Whistles for your web pages
         I love this one!!!!!!! It has everything!
Gaff's WWW Tools
         Backgrounds, arrows, balls, stars, clip art, and more
         Just some really good pictures here
The Clip Art Connection
         Great collection!
Mikey's Collection of Animated GIFS
         Mikey has a good collection of animations.
The Icon Browser
         Lots of icons to choose from on this browser.
Grafx Sets
         If you want some great coordinated sets of backgrounds and buttons--here's some good ones!
         This demo package is intended to help you improve the quality of your web site by providing
         you with professional quality objects such as banners, bullets, lines and spheres
         Many great graphics divided into categories for ease in finding what you want.
         Like many of the other links on my page, this site has some great links to other sites for graphics.
ArcaMax Animated Alphabets
        These are not free, but are really cool.
Kamtec Image Archive
         This is a searchable index of images suitable for home pages constructors.
Pam Bytes
         I love this site--can't say enough, if you want banners, buttons, and themed sets.
Andy's Art Attack!
         This is the home of free original gif89 animations, buttons, & backgrounds, as well as great Photoshop
         & HTML tips!
Sharon's World
         This link is not active now -- don't know why. Hope it comes up soon.
         It was a good site for Original Background and Texture Links
Windy's Fashionable Page Designs
         Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic Backgrounds
Image Gallery
         A collection of several categories of great photos
Web Development Shop
         Backgrounds and Tiles, Color, Clipart and Icons, Copyright Info., HTML, Design,
         Tutorials, and Other Resources
Adding Spice to Your Web Pages

Gifs To Adorn Your WWW Pages
         Gifs-4-Us, The Web Rules, Webpix, Backgrounds-4-Us, and Webpaper
Danny's Little Collection of Animated Gifs
         Cartoons, Rules and Lines, Balls and Buttons, Email gifs, Planetary Objects,
         Movie and Film Gifs, Companies and their trademarks, Skulls,
         diseases, and other signs of Death
Background Gallery
         A gallery of backgrounds and horizontal rules
Backgrounds for HTML
         A small collection of nice brick backgrounds and a few gold-ish backgrounds.
Ball Boutique
         Octagamm's Ball Boutique, your source for spheres, orbs, round things, alphabets, and
         free graphics of all sorts. This is a great place!
Links to Collections of Images
         Lots and lots of links to sites for images of all kinds, most of them are not
         included on my page of links at all. A great site.
New World Creations
         Free Clip Art --The buttons, background tiles, bullets and icons, and animated gifs
         on the pages by those names are all available free for your use.
CJC Background Archive
         Backgrounds, Icons, and Animated Icons - entire sets can be downloaded for your use.
How to make seamless backgrounds
         Making Seamless Backgrounds from Any Graphic
Courtney's Ornate Letters
         Only three sets, but they look great.
Gilbert's Icon Archive
         Samll, but interesting collection
Internet Page Design by Luree
         Fun animations for your web pages
Paper Backgrounds
         Small collection, but good paper backgrounds
Mark Johnson's Backgrounds
         Several nicely divided categories of backgrounds
Randy's Icon and Image Bazaar
         GREAT place!
Transparent Background Images
         Here's a cookbook way to create a transparent background image:
Ventana's Clip Art Archive
         Ventana's Clipart Archive was designed to give quick, convenient access to free clipart and
         clipart resources
VV 's Work In Progress
         Sample Graphics, Backgrounds - Some I have not seen elsewhere
         This is a fabulous collection - be sure to check here.
Art Today
         Great graphics with 30 day free trial offer.
Barry's Clip Art Server
         GREAT place!
San Diego State University Index of Backgrounds
         Index of background images- lots to choose from
TSL's Background Library
         The backgrounds in this library are categorized in a table according to dominant color or theme.
Kaleidescape - The Web's Best Background Textures
         There are a lot of really neat backgrounds here. I especially like the way they are displayed on this site.
Backgrounds by Doug
         There are some really neat backgrounds here.
Button World
         This site is a collection of blank buttons, optimized for rapid transmission over the
         Internet. Add text to these buttons and use them on your web pages.
Pardon My Icons
         A great site with lots of unusual icons and web help, too.

And lots of others--hope to have the time to add them soon.
Be sure to e-mail me if one of the links does not work OR
if you have a site that should be added to this list.

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Thanks to for the space for this web site. Be sure to check them out!!