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Martha's Web Page Perk Ups
Sources for Backgrounds, Clip Art, Animated Gifs
and HTML, Java, Tables, and Frames Help

This list was begun to give credit to the sites from which I have obtained images.
Hope I've included them all. Bur, now I have added a lot more links where you can
get freebies for your web pages. If you check out one of these sites, be sure to use
your back button on the Netscape menu bar, to come back to this list or my home page.
Wherever I could I have done some categorizing of the sites, however, it has been hard
for me to separate many of them into specific categories, because so many of them contain
so much different information.

Page 1 * Backgrounds, Clip Art, and Animated Gifs
Page 2 * HTML, Java, Tables, and Frames Help

HTML, Java, Tables, and Frames Help HTML Bells and Whistles for your web pages
         I love this one!!!!!!! It's listed on both of my sources pages, it's that good!!!!!
The Banner Generator Form
JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive -
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Welcome to Java Goodies
AltaVista Search: Simple Query evaluating+web+pages
Building a Web
Font Face Samples
Meta Tag's
World Wide Web FAQ
HyperGold's Amazing Animation Page
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
AltaVista Search: Simple Query image+maps
Mixin Java Class Libraries -- FAQ
Using Forms With Netscape
Counter Program Notes
Anthony's Counter Program
Hoskinson's Java Resources
KarmaStorm Digital Arts
1997 Webbie Awards
AltaVista Search: Simple Query java+help
Nizze`s homepage
Keirsey Temperament Web Site
Phil's EYE on the WEB
The Sevloid Guide to Web Design
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Blazen's Place!
Web Site 101 - A Service of Digital Spinner Studios Web Site & Graphics Design
Macromedia: Banners PowerApplet Documentation
Java Stuff
Desiree's Dabbles
First Coast Internet Services User Pages
Submit It! - The Net's most popular Web site promotion tool
The Banner Generator
JavaScript training, HTML instruction, Tutorial on Graphics, Banners, Hot Buttons, Animation, Forms, Tables, Sound, Video
Developer's Corner
Count example page
Custom Animations
Doctor HTML v4
Framing the Web -
Gentle Computing's Home Page Maker!
Home Page Workshop
How to Evaluate an Internet Web Site
HTML Crash Course for Educators
Imagemap Help Page -- Mapping tools
Imagemap How to Document
JClass LiveTable Applet Examples
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
Office of College Computing - Useful CGI-BIN Scripts
Savetz's Unofficial Internet Public Domain Index
Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
Travis' Best PC Shareware Programs---Graphics, HTML/Map Editors, Other
Web-Counter Home Page
Webmonkey - Geek Talk
WebSoc scripts
Your school's name here, Home Page
SchoolWeb Maker
The Sevloid Guide to Web Design
Frame Start
Test your frames ... move the borders
Using frames: Writing frameset documents: Advanced
Using frames: Writing frameset documents: Basics
Frames -An Introduction
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - frames example
HTML Sites
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
The Sounds Gallery
Hex To Decimal Conversion and vice versa
Lonster's RGB to HEX translator
Body or Table Colors
AOLpress: Adding Tables -- Learning more...
3.0 Table Colors
Table Colors
ArtJourney's Public Gallery

And lots of others--hope to have the time to add them soon.
Be sure to e-mail me if one of the links does not work OR
if you have a site that should be added to this list.

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Thanks to for the space for this web site. Be sure to check them out!!