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K I D S'   S I T E S   LIST
by Martha
This is a list of some fantastic sites with links for kids. I like them, too!
The developers of these pages have done a great job in locating and linking
so many great pages. Each link in the list will provide you with many more
places to visit. I'll be adding more links, so bookmark this page and come
back often. If you visit one of these sites, be sure to use the BACK button
on your brower screen to return to this page.

E-Mail me to add if you would like to see a site to this list. mborrow@cs.rice.edu.
Be sure to include the page name and it's URL in the message.

Click on one of the sections of the alphabet to go to website listings.


  • Access Orlando's Game Page
  • Actrix EdPatch Kids Games Page
  • AFRO-Americ@: Kids Zone
  • Baltimore County Public Library - Kids Page - Games To Play
  • Berit's Best Sites for Children
  • Billy Bear Storybooks - How to Create Your Own Storybooks
  • Bonus.com the SuperSite for Kids
  • Classroom Connect
  • Club Girl Tech
  • Cool Interactive Activities
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    1. Eggy's Home
    2. The Electric Learning Web
    3. The Electronic Zoo
    4. Family Antix Page
    5. For Kids Only - swbell.net/Houston
    6. Fun Educational Stuff for Girls (and Other Kids)
    7. Fun With 3d

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    1. Hands On Children's Museum
    2. Internet Connection - for Children
    3. Internet Resources - Kids & Games
    4. Interactive Games and Mindbenders

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    1. Jonathan's Starry Universe
    2. Joshua's Jungle
    3. Just For Kids
    4. Kids Games
    5. KID - Kids Internet Delight
    6. KidNews Home Page
    7. Kids Korner
    8. Kids on the Net
    9. Kids Place Borders
    10. Kids' Planet
    11. Kids' Space
    12. Kid's Stuff Page
    13. Kids Web A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
    14. KidWorld
    15. Larry Magid's Links for Kids, Parents, & Teachers
    16. Looney Tunes Homepage

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    1. MCA Kid's Playroom
    2. Nauvoo Kids Games Area
    3. Monty's Magasauras - New Electronic Magazine for Kids
    4. Oasis Kids' Corner
    5. OzKidz
    6. PegaNet 4 Kids - Games & Activities
    7. Planet Blortland
    8. Santa Claus Timeline
    9. Staying Street Smart on the Web
    10. Storytime
    11. Southwestern Bell: Kids Information
    12. Uncle Bob's Home Page
    13. Virtual Mr. Spud Head
    14. World Kid's Network
    15. WorldVillage
    16. Yahooligans!
    17. Young Peoples Literature Main Page

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