Alternative Assessment In Science
List Compiled by Martha Phelps-Borrowman

This list is a compilation of various sites that I have found on the WWW
that deal with using alternative assessment in science classrooms.

Alternative Assessment Resources Compiled by Regional Alliance at TERC
Miami Museum of Science Alternative Assessment Definitions
National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing
Automating Authentic Assessment With Rubrics, Brevard Co. School District, Florida
Authentic Assessment Links, Virtual Learning Center
Authentic Assessment Ideas by Ross Valley School District, Marin Co., California
Sample Rubrics for "It's Weather, Man!" (but very adaptable to others)
Global Warming Conference Sample Evaluation Rubrics
Standards, Benchmarks, and Assessment: Science
APA's Public Policy Office
Science Assessment
SCCOE EMC Authentic Assessment
WWS 308 (Spring 1997)
Assessment and Evaluation
Middle Level Science Curriculum Guide
Selected ERIC Abstracts on Assessment/Portfolio Assessment
Performance Assessment
An Integrated Approach to Alternative Assessment in Science

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