Model Science Laboratory Project
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Dr. Elnora Harcombe, Project Director

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What Is the Model Science Lab Project?

The Model Science Lab Project, located at Lanier Middle School in Houston, is a joint Rice University and Houston Independent School District program. The project joins university and community scientists with middle school teachers to create a model laboratory classroom.

It was established in 1991 to train middle school science teachers in new ways of teaching. This program is unique because it has invested the time and long term support required to effect serious change in the way teachers perceive teaching and learning. It serves as a catalyst to change how Houston school children gain scientific knowledge and experience.

Teachers become the leaders who engage colleagues and students in science and technology. Each school year, eight Resident Teachers are released from their normal teaching duties in order to study current scientific advances, examine new education technology, evaluate classroom and laboratory teaching strategies, build community resource contacts, and develop new curricula appropriate for their diverse students. Following their residency year, they return to their home schools to apply their new skills and knowledge.
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