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I enjoy teaching and spend a lot of time at it. My primary focus, along with teaching science, is Gender Equity in Education. In June of 1995, I was awarded an Eleanor Roosevelt Fellowship by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation AAUWEF. One of the areas for which this foundation provides funding is in the development of innovative programs which will increase options for girls in science, math, and technology. The funds supported the initiation of a science club for girls at the school where I teach in Houston, Texas. The members of the club named it the Lanier Middle School G.I.R.L.S.   That's, Girls Interested In Real-Life Science.
I am no longer a teacher at Lanier Middle School. The G.I.R.L.S Club is no longer running, but I have left the page so that you can have some information on the club. Now I am the Science Specialist at
Raymond Academy for Engineering. My position at Raymond Academy was developed through a collaboration between Aldine Independent School District and the Rice University School Science Project.

I became interested in the issue of gender equity in education when I was a resident teacher in the
Rice Model Science Lab , a science teacher training program. I was fortunate to co-teach an all-girl science class. The RML page includes lots of information about the lab.

Another teacher training program that I am involved with is
GirlTECH, a program sponsored by the Center For Research on Parallel Computation, CRPC, which is headquartered on the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas.

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