School Cafeteria Food

Monica Cossio
Bonham Elementary
Bilingual First Grade

Topic: Gathering and Graphing Information

Purpose: to gather and graph data.
Materials:notebooks,pencils,erasers, map pencils, graph paper,markers, butcher paper,scotch tape.

Prior knowledge: Days of the week, numbers 1-100.

Procedure: The students will gather information in their notebooks, for the duration of two weeks, about how many children get their lunches in the cafeteria and how many bring lunches from home. The teacher will also do the same activity on a large chart with 10 colums, so children can see the daily gathered data. Each column should be labeled with a day of the week. The first column should be labeled "MONDAY", the second  "TUESDAY", etc.

When two weeks have gone by, the data will be graphed as large group activity and then, each student will begin independent work on their graphs. The students should be allowed to work cooperativelyr.

    Extension:  Make a list of what students eat everyday for two weeks. Choose 5 items that are eaten more than once in the two weeks. Graph what foods are eaten the most and the least times. 

These pages were developed through GirlTECH, a teacher-training program sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEEE) and with support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PACI.
Copyright © Monica Cossio, June, 2001.