Odd and Even

Monica Cossio
Bonham Elementary
Bilingual First Grade

Topic: Teaching the Differences Between Odd and Even Numbers

Objective : To teach the concept of odd and even numbers.

Materials: Overhead projector, paper and pencil for every student


  • On the overhead, write in a column numerals 1-10
  • Next to each number, draw triangles to correspond with ech numeral.
  • Students are instructed to  circle only the pairs of triangles by that particular numeral (make sure students have been taught the definition for pair previous to this lesson)
  • Students  color all the triangles that are left without a pair
  • with a red crayon
  • Students write odd next to the numerals where triangles have been colored red
Extension: Do the same with two digit, and three digit numerals. Students must be instructed to determine if a multiple-digit number is odd by identifying  the number in the far right end . If that number is odd, then the entire number is odd.

These pages were developed through GirlTECH, a teacher-training program sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEEE) and with support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PACI.

Copyright © Monica Cossio, June, 2001.