Miriam A. Shaw

E-Mail: mshaw@girltech.cs.rice.edu



UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON ( Houston, Texas, Central/Main Campus )

B.S. in Education;

All-Level Health and Physical Education (Grades PK-12)

Information Processing Technologies I (Grades PK-12)

Postgraduate Training and Highlights:

Northwest Technology Consortium - taught the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to the technologists in this group

Northwest Technology Consortium - found and helped write the Technology Innovation Challenge Grant and instrumental in creating several innovative ideas that are included in this grant

Lago Vista I.S.D. - wrote and taught several different instructional modules, of which one is published on the Region XIII homepage

Lago Vista I.S.D. - Created and wrote 'Tech Tips from Lago Vista I.S.D.', which is a newsletter that provides technology - related information to the administrators, teachers, staff and community

Lago Vista I.S.D. - District Technology Committee

Lago Vista I.S.D. - Initiated Accelerated Reader on Macintosh Server/Teacher Workstations and instrumental in working out opportunities between Accelerated Reader and At Ease

Lago Vista I.S.D. - taught new Technology Coordinator at the Elementary everything I know about Macintosh and At Ease

Lago Vista I.S.D. - created web page for librarians in district

Austin I.S.D. Budget Committee volunteered to serve on this committee which provides input on the monetary spending of district funding for the year 1998-1999

Bedichek Technology Planning Committee instrumental in helping write the first-ever Technology Plan at Bedichek Middle School

TCEA member of Texas Computer Education Association

GirlTECH 96 - 2 week intensive training in Math, Science and Technology through Rice University (one of twenty women and men chosen from many applicants from Houston and surrounding areas). I have continued extensive communication with those that took part in this training via the Internet, and continue to keep up to date on the latest advances in Math, Science, and Technology.

Expanding Your Horizons 96 - Took 24 young ladies from Hoffman Middle School to the Rice School to attend a one day seminar relating to Math, Science and Technology

Aldine Technology Fair 96 - Designed the cover for the Technology Fair pamphlet

Hoffman Career Week 95 - Designed the cover for the Career Week Fair

Hoffman International Festival 95 and 96 - Designed the cover for the Hoffman International Festival

Regional Technology Conference 94 and 95 - Attended a one-day conference to find out the most recent trends in the field

Summers 94 and 95 - Attended Technology Specialists inservice for a one-week period to advance my knowledge (not required)

Information Processing Technologies I Endorsement

District Champions 93 - 94, 7th Grade Girls Basketball: the girls had a 10 - 0 record and won the Aldine I.S.D. basketball tournament

Member of the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Regionals Swim Meet Took eighteen of twenty-four swimmers to the Regional Swim Meet which took place at the Spring Branch I.S.D. Natatorium.