The garbled letters below are a cryptogram. They do mean something. To know how to go to the next part of your lesson, you have to solve the cryptogram.

Here are some hints:

Why does it work that way? Because, with some rare exceptions, that's the way English is structured.


Hx   mx   hx   hf"   u"dh   z"ghjxu

xc   lx.y   t"zzxue   lx.   u""s   hx

"yrz"   hf"   cjt"uri"   qjus"dofhitq

cyxi   lx.y   kyxnz"ybz   txgrhjxu

njusxne   hl,"   ju   hf"   cjt"uri"

qu"dhzh",ofhitqe   hf"u   ,y"zz hf"

"uh"y   a"lo

P.S.--the cryptogram above is only one sentence.

When you've solved it, close this small window and follow the instructions in the Cryptogram.

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Suggestion: Highlight the cryptogram with your mouse, copy the text, and paste it into a word processor so you can work with the letters more easily.

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